We look at the extreme types of RAM and SSD inflation in the year 2017.The same thing was seen in SSD. Even in the middle of 2016, a 128GB SSD would not be available for less than five thousand takas. But the hope is that in the last one / two months we saw the price of the SSD is declining in the market. Customers can now buy only less than Tk. 2400 with a 120 GB SDD and brand and a terabyte SSD by model can easily buy below 20 thousand taka. Market Analysis showed that the demand for SSD increased day by day, but due to overloading in the market, the price of SSD decreased.

DRAMeXchange, the memory division of Trend Force, says that the demand for SSD is now more than ever, but in the first quarter of the year 2019, they can see price drop of 10%. SSD Memory Module The NAND manufacturers have reduced module production to prevent this overpass. But even if reduced, it will not have any major impact in the current oversply scenario. “Looking at the first half of 2019, the NAND FLASH manufacturers will reduce their current production, but the previous overstocks will only increase the overpower. Under the assumption that NAND FLASH product prices will fall further by 10% in the first half of 2015 ” Now the price of SSD is so low that even the PC level buyers of the budget level can easily buy a fast-speed storage system for their own system. Now if the price of SSD is reduced, then there may come a time when every PC buyer will be buying SDD while buying a new system.


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