2018 was a incredible year for apple fans.Many Products has been launched this year.HomePod in February,iPad in March,New MacBook Pro in July,new Apple Watch and new iPhones in September and in October new iPad Pro’s, a Mac mini and a MacBook Air has been launched.

So in new year fans will expect to launch new AirPods, MacBooks and iMacs.And there is a strong rumor that apple will launch new Apple-made programmes set to hit iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs in 2019.

There are also some products which wasn’t updated in 2018.

Iphone SE

Not everyone likes huge phones.That’s why apple came with the new Lineup called SE(Special Edition).And it got popularity as well.So there’s a rumor that apple is working on iPhone SE2.Which will be a iPhone 4’s update.


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